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Our skills & experience to your benefit


Going beyond client's brief to deliver exceptional  insights and results exceeding client expectations...

Market Vision is a research & consulting firm founded by marketing and research professionals with combined work experience of over 70 years. With its corporate office based in Dubai, UAE and an international network of service providers and business associates, Market Vision executes, manages and oversees a wide range of research & consulting projects around the world. Within the Middle East, Africa and Asia regions where majority of the work in undertaken, Market Vision has executed over 1,000 projects for clients from around the world.


All clients are important to us. At one end of the spectrum, we serve individuals wanting to start a new business, assisting them with developing proof of concept, leading on to business feasibility and business plan development, and a project report for business financing. At the other end of the scale, we work with multinational conglomerates and government organizations on diverse projects that may range from a customer satisfaction survey or an employee engagement study to more complex projects aimed to help assess the size and scope of inward and outbound foreign direct investment in specific industry sectors in nations worldwide.


Our clients know no boundaries - Brazil, Chile, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, UK, USA, Germany, India, Cyprus, Greece, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea.....we have served customers from more than 40 countries, and continue to add more source markets for our business each year.

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