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Spotlight on Sustainable Tourism

Spotlight on Sustainable Tourism (SOST) is an e-Journal for stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry. The journal’s mission is to motivate tourism businesses, big and small, to adopt sustainable business practices with the message that sustainable tourism is ‘Good for the Planet and Good for Business’.


SOST is published bi-monthly, and focuses on destinations, accommodations and other travel businesses that endorse the philosophy of sustainable tourism and implement policies and practices in line with global sustainable tourism guidelines.


The SOST website aims to be a meeting point for tourism businesses, consultants and experts, and all those who are interested in learning about tourism’s role and responsibility in preserving the Planet, and doing social good.


Above all, SOST hopes to inspire all stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry to recognise the priority expressed in the Cape Town Declaration call for action to “to create better places for people to live in and for people to visit.”


Spotlight on Sustainable Tourism (SOST) is a complimentary journal published by Market Vision.


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